You're only young once... but you can always be immature.

Friday, December 17, 2010

New book release celebrates history of The World Famous Lawn Rangers

Twenty-nine years ago, a handful (15) of Arcola area citizens decided it was time to be a part of Arcola’s Famous Broom Corn Festival Parade. They took a talent inventory and came to the conclusion that pushing mowers and twirling brooms was probably the best they could do. But they did it with gusto. Soon after, invitations to appear in other festival parades poured in and the Rangers went on tour. The rest is history.

And now, for the first time, everyone can enjoy the story of The World Famous Lawn Rangers. Pat Monahan, co-founder of the group, has compiled a hilarious collection of newsletters, photos, correspondence and columns which tell this group’s unique story.

Of particular significance was the fact that The Lawn Rangers were able to recruit a nationally syndicated humor columnist and author to their ranks – Dave Barry. Barry first marched with the group at the 1991 Arcola, Illinois Broom Corn Festival, and has since written a number of columns about them over the years.

Most recently, Barry joined the Rangers in Washington, D.C. when they were invited to march in the official 2009 Inaugural Parade for President Barack Obama. Barry’s columns are reprinted here, along with dozens of never-before-published photos and postcards from the private collections of Monahan and his fellow Rangers.

The softcover book, which sells for $14.95 was published by The News-Gazette in Champaign, Illinois. It will be for sale at the Holiday Market at Lincoln Square in Urbana December 4, 11 and 18. Copies are also on sale at The News-Gazette, 15 Main Street, Champaign, Illinois, or online at

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ranger Rolls Royce

La-Z-Boy crash leads to DWI in Proctor

A Proctor man driving a motorized La-Z-Boy lounge chair hit a parked vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mobile Hydration Apparatus

Rangers, please be aware of newly instituted regulation 469/7-3 - Mobile Hydration Apparatus. This is the latest in fluid replacement technology and should be considered standard issue for all mowers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't try this at home! (Well, maybe it'd be OK...)

The Lawn Rangers are not ONLY World Famous - we're Inspirational, too!

From the Moberly (Missouri) Monitor-Index:

One entry in the parade will be the decorated lawnmower drill team. This idea was borrowed from President Obama’s inaugural parade when The Lawn Rangers Lawnmower Drill Team from Arcola, Illinois, pushed their wildly decorated lawnmowers down the parade route.

Fun-loving Moberly citizens are asked to decorate a push mower and then line up on the parade route. Magic City Lawn Care is sponsor of this event. There will be no practices, but they’ll try to stay in straight lines as they proceed along Reed Street!

Well done, citizens of Moberly! And good idea not to try our world famous moves like the "cross-and-toss" and "walk the dog". Such complex maneuvers take years of practice and hours of pre-parade preparation. Such things are best left to trained professionals!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

President Barack Obama's plunger photo and Michelle Obama's dresses

From the Chicago Tribune, 1/25/09, by Steve Johnson

Barack Obama and a plunger: He might not want to remember this photo (Jan. 19). In 2003, the future leader of the free world clowned around with the World Famous Lawn Rangers, a central Illinois group of mower-based parade enliveners. Someone snapped a picture of Obama holding one of their "batons," a household plunger, high in the air, as if to proclaim, "I cleared that obstruction!" And last week, Web readers, naturally, preferred the story of the photo to any of the ones about the man being sworn in as President, perhaps because clutching a plunger is not a bad metaphor for the situation Obama now finds himself in. He's just got to be careful not to push too hard and dislodge the toilet.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ranger Broomo interviewed on WICD

Nice interview of Tom Bruno discussing the Inaugural Parade experience.

Obama - the first 100 hours

The Lawn Rangers fame has spread "across the pond" as they are featured in an article in one of the world's most prominent online magazine's, Britain's "The Guardian". While the Lawn Rangers are only briefly mentioned, there's a darned good reason why they are the only parade entry mentioned.

Read the complete article (highly recommended) here

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama, Mow-Boma: lunar rover, lawn rovers cut new trails in inaugural parade

From the Space News Examiner, 1/23/09, by Patricia Phillips

Waving brooms and toilet plungers, the mighty, mighty World Famous Lawn Rangers from "Amazing" Arcola, Illinois, proved that no matter what your level of talent, "yes you can" wind up with the movers and shakes in Washington, D.C. The precision lawn mower drill team showed up in red graduation gowns, cowboy hats and their traditional "Lawn Ranger" masks to amble through a series of dazzling, high-precision moves like "walkin' the dog", a wide-leaning (blame the beer) turn in a circle.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

TV was the place to be yesterday (Coverage from 'down under')

From the (New Zealand) Dominion Post, 1/22/09, by Jane Clifton

My favourite: the Lawn Rangers from Arcola, Illinois, billed as a precision lawn-mower drill team, but really just a bunch of masked exhibitionists, whose motto is: "You're only young once, but you can always be immature."

Read the rest...

Dave Barry plunges into the inaugural spirit

From Lawn Rangers "embedded reporter" Dave Barry, 1/22/09

There are 56 of us, jammed into a school bus with a seating capacity of 46 (there are many flatulence jokes). We join a line of other band buses in a Pentagon parking lot, creeping forward until we reach a security checkpoint, where we are screened by military personnel. One of the Rangers has the following exchange with a security screener:

SCREENER: What's this?

RANGER: It's a toilet plunger.

SCREENER (after a pause): OK.

After the screening we go into another tent, where we're given box lunches, which most of the Rangers wolf down immediately, even though it's only 9:30 a.m. All around us are military units and marching bands wearing immaculate matching uniforms; next to them, the Rangers, hunched over their box lunches, dribbling sandwich crumbs onto their graduation gowns, look like homeless people.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's historic day, minute by minute

From the Washington Times, 1/21/09, by Christina "Accuracy is my middle name" Bellantoni and Stephen "Dancing in Arizona" Dinan and Jon "What's all this about the innernet?" Ward

Both Mr. and Mrs. Obama laughed heartily and pointed at the lawn mowers pushed by a group from Arizona. The display included a pink pegasus horse with a unicorn-style horn and the dancers waved brooms.

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Times Change, but Circus Mood Endures

From the Wall Street Journal online, 1/21/09, by Cynthia Crossen

Tumbling Teams, Lawn-Mower Drill Squad Remind Us How America Always Yearns for a Good Show

Besides being historic milestones, presidential inaugurations are also three-ring circuses.

President Barack Obama's inaugural parade included horses, a tumbling team, a mariachi band, the Azalea Trail Maids of Alabama -- whose members dress like Scarlett O'Hara -- and the Lawn Rangers, a lawn-mower drill team from Illinois.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ranger Dave Barry blogs the events of The Big Day

Don't miss Dave Barry's account of inauguration day from the perspective of an embedded reporter. Great pictures and a blow-by-blow, behind-the-scenes look at the Inauguration Parade by a World Famous journalist.

Dave's account starts here. (Just click the "Next" links to follow Dave's day.)

WICD-TV Parade Coverage

Late this afternoon President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took to the streets of our nation's capitol for the annual inaugural parade. Walking in this years event are the world famous Lawn Rangers from Arcola. With founder Pat Monahan leading the way, the precision drill team sported red gowns. 57 members in all made their way down Pennsylvania Avenue bearing their mowers with no engines. Founded 28 years ago, this is the 116th [more like the 216th! ~ ed. ] parade for the Rangers. A pretty special one at that...

See the video on the WICD website

Obama saluted by marching bands, dancers, mower drivers

From Reuters, 1/20/09, by Charles Abbott

There were cultural groups, members of the U.S. military, drill teams, Indians, floats, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Alabama teenagers dressed in vibrant organza hoop skirts and a band of Illinoisans pushing whimsically decorated lawn mowers and carrying brooms among the 103 units from all 50 states in the parade.

Read the rest (and see the pathetic video)...

Mowing down the competition

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 1/20/09, by Kevin McDermott

One of Illinois’ dirty little secrets was exposed in the inaugural parade a little while ago, and for once, it has nothing to do with Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Yes, as the world now knows — thanks to CNN’s explosive and controversial parade coverage today — Illinois does, in fact, boast a team of precision lawn-mower marchers. Some of us over in Illinois have been aware of it for years, but have diligently kept it quiet.

Read the rest...

Parade brightens Washington

From cnews, 1/20/09, by Lauran Neergaard and Richard Lardner, AP

The World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola were also there.

From Obama's home state of Illinois, the group's members push mowers decorated with stuffed beavers, bowling balls, cowboy hats, lounge chairs.

Read the rest...

Green Industry Represented at Inauguration - Sort Of

From Lawn & Landscape magazine, 1/20/09

The green industry was represented at the Inaugural parade at The Nation's Capitol Tuesday - sort of. A group called The Lawn Rangers of Arcola, Ill., was invited to march in the parade. The group, from the new president's home state, brings its zany brand of entertainment, which includes walking with lawn mowers, rakes, plungers and other wacky props.

Monday, January 19, 2009

ABC National News Story on the Lawn Rangers

Click here to view

Pat Monahan interview on WNYC

From "The Takeaway", a co-production of PRI (Public Radio International) and WNYC Radio in collaboration with the BBC World Service, The New York Times and WGBH Boston.

The World Famous Lawn Rangers are among the many organizations participating in tomorrow’s 56th Inaugural Parade. Hailing from Arcola, Illinois, the group is famous for their fancifully embellished lawn mowers and madcap ways. Tomorrow will be their 116th parade in the Lawn Ranger’s nearly 30-year career and they say it will be the most memorable. Joining us for a sneak preview of the Lawn Rangers line-up is co-founder Pat Monahan.

Listen to the interview here.

Barack Obama and a plunger: He might not want to remember this photo

From the Chicago Tribune Article, 1/19/09, by Bob Secter

This very unpresidential photo of Barack Obama, blown up to poster size, will be rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday along with the most unorthodox participants of the inaugural parade: the World Famous Lawn Rangers, a 28-year-old Central Illinois-based precision lawn mower drill team.

"We are the whoopee cushion of the parade," declared Ranger veteran Tom Bruno, a member of the Champaign City Council.

Read the rest...

Lake Bluff lawn mower drill team sits home while Arcola squad plans to march in inaugural parade

From the Chicago Tribune,

"It can't be easy, facing up to the harsh reality that, in the intensely competitive world of precision-lawnmower-drill teams, you are second tier," [Dave] Barry wrote in response to an e-mailed question Friday. "Rest assured that, as we Lawn Rangers maneuver our mowers down Pennsylvania Avenue before a worldwide audience of millions, we will be proudly representing not just Arcola, but the entire state of Illinois, including the pathetic losers of Lake Bluff."

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ranger Broomo here. Checked in to our Washington DC temporary home. The city has been welcoming us with open arms, they have brought in a few extra cops to handle the crowds the Lawn Rangers are expected to draw.
There is an air of excitement so they must be familiar with our breed of entertainment.

The Lawn Rangers make a 57-mower march on D.C.

From, 1/17/09

Those lawn-mower-loving legions are members of the World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola (Illinois), and they were invited to participate in the inauguration parade up Pennsylvania Avenue. Lawn Rangers cofounder Pat Monahan thinks the Rangers' 2003 meeting with Obama during his run for the Illinois Senate played a role in their inauguration honor. (The photo shows Obama marching with the group in the 2003 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago.)

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lawn Rangers headed to inauguration

From the Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, 1/15/09, by Tim Mitchell

In all, 57 Lawn Rangers, including 48 marchers bearing mowers, two toilet plunger men and seven banner aides dressed like Abraham Lincoln, will march down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House.

They'll be wearing bright red gowns donated by Arcola's Collegiate Cap and Gown, American flag suspenders made by Perry Suspenders of Decatur and black masks that look very much like the one the Lone Ranger used to don.

"If you'd march with this group, you'd want to wear a mask, too," said Tim Monahan of Arcola, another original member and Pat's brother.

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Lawn Rangers ready to cut a swath through presidential history

From the Decatur Herald & Review, 1/15/09, by Tony Reid

In an emotional and yet completely ridiculous ceremony, the mowers were solemnly gathered together ready for the trip to Washington, D.C. Historians can't be sure, but it seems almost certain the 56th inauguration parade will be the first ever to feature a mower fitted with a toilet stool.

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Inaugural Parade Preparations

WAND-TV covers the World Famous Lawn Rangers as they prepare for their trip to Washington, D.C. to march in the Inaugural Parade.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pet Parade favorites make cut for inaugural parade

From TheDoings-LaGrange, 1/13/09 by Jane Michaels

An elite unit of the World Famous Lawn Rangers broke new ground in La Grange Monday on a whistle stop before the upcoming inaugural parade.

"We're trying out a new move," said Ranger John O'Halloran of LaGrange Park during a dry run and fund-raiser at Palmer Place to finance the trip to Washington, D.C. for about 50 members and their lavishly decorated lawn mowers. "It's never been done before."

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Lawn Ranger Photo Gallery

Lots more at the World Famous Lawn Rangers Official Photo Gallery

Friday, January 02, 2009

Marching On: The “World Famous” Lawn Rangers

From the Official Inaugural Blog, January 2, 2009, by Sam Teller

The precision lawn mower drill team—whose motto is “You’re only young once but you can always be immature”—features members from 21 to 80 years old who push whimsically decorated mowers. Their machines, adorned with everything from stuffed beavers and bowling balls to cowboy hats and lounge chairs, complement their muted canvas waist pouches and black opera eye masks.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

OUR VIEW: D.C. in for a treat with unique Lawn Rangers

From the Decatur Herald & Review Article, 12/12/08

The masked rangers are a collection of fun-loving individuals from various backgrounds, including doctors, lawyers, executives, laborers, teachers and even journalists. They do intricate maneuvers pushing lawn mowers, twirling brooms and entertaining audiences with various photo opportunities, including placement of a commode on top of a lawn mower that may be referred to as the best seat in the house.

The group’s origins go back many years with annual appearances in the Broom Corn Festival parade in Arcola. From there came invitations to perform at major bowl game parades, and major regional events like the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago, where they encountered Obama a few years ago when he was a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zany Lawn Rangers Rev Up for Obama's Inaugural Parade

From the Washington Post "The Sleuth" column, 12/11/08, by Mary Ann Akers

They aren't politically correct and they aren't very presidential. But somehow, the World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola (Illinois) - a longtime staple of beer-drenched St. Patty's Day parades in America's heartland - have secured a spot in President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural parade.

Pushing mowers and wielding toilet plungers and broomsticks, the Lawn Rangers have entertained rowdy crowds from the St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago and the Indy 500 parade in Indianapolis to the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix and the Holiday Bowl parade in San Diego. They've also participated in countless community parades throughout the Midwest, including Arcola's Broom Corn Festival parade, where they first marched 28 years ago, bonded by their only talent: pushing mowers.

And now, they'll get a chance to wow the millions of Americans expected to descend on the nation's capital for Obama's inauguration next month.

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A Short History of the World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola

If you attended a Midwest parade in the last 28 years, there’s a good chance you heard the following introduction to one of the more lasting and endearing parade success stories:
“Today, these masked men are starting their 28th year of crowd pleasing precision marching. After last year’s first place finish in the Holiday Bowl Parade, the Lawn Rangers are hoping to win the coveted 'participant' award in today’s BroomCorn Festival Parade. Dressed in their uniforms displaying Amazing Arcola - Hub of the Tri-Cities (Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis) and tossing their unique 'show' brooms (and often catching them), the Rangers are appearing in their 213th parade, once again proving their motto 'You’re only young once but you can always be immature'.”

Twenty eight years ago, a handful (13) of Arcola area citizens decided it was time to be part of Arcola’s Famous Broom Corn Festival Parade, instead of hecklers and observers. They took a talent inventory and came to the conclusion that pushing mowers and twirling brooms was probably the best they could do. But they did it with gusto. Soon after, invitations to appear in other festival parades poured in and the Rangers went on tour. The rest is history. Today, the Rangers can look back with pride on appearances in the following cities and festivals:

  • Benton Harbor, Michigan Blossom Time Parade
  • Mow – Town (Detroit) Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Chicago Holiday Parades and St Patrick’s Day Parades
  • St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Indianapolis Indy 500 Parade
  • Springfield Ill. State Fair Parades
  • Canton Pro Football Hall of Fame Parade
  • Phoenix Fiesta Bowl Parades
  • San Diego Holiday Bowl Parades

They have also appeared in community parades throughout the Midwest - too numerous to mention.

Over 1,000 individuals have marched with the Rangers, meeting their strict recruiting standard - “they weed themselves out”. These members are ages 21 to 80 and from all walks of life, bound only by a sense of humor, and the great bond of “fellership”. Their ranks include their team press agent, noted Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Dave Barry. Ranger Dave has appeared in 5 parades, written 5 columns featuring the Rangers, and sponsored a TV production starring himself and the Rangers. In addition to Ranger Dave’s fine work, the Rangers have appeared in many TV human interest specials. The area Press has also been kind to us with multiple fine stories on the adventures of the Rangers, as well as nice work by Ranger columnist, Tom Kacich.

And now, maybe their crowning achievement, The World Famous Lawn Rangers have been invited to March in this year’s Inaugural Parade. They befriended then Senate hopeful, Barack Obama, in 2003, at the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade and will honor him with a sparkling parade performance. The Rangers are planning to have an embedded reporter in their elite corps and have both uniform and equipment upgrades for this historic event.

“It’s a real honor”, says Pat Monahan, adding “I have been asked many times as to why I think we were selected over the almost 1400 other groups who applied for this position. I can only think that we are known for having a good time and showing people how to have a good time with us, and the Inaugural Committee must think our services are needed. It is a definite American trait - the ability to laugh at ourselves - which may be needed now more than ever. Or it could be that we were the only lawn mower drill team to apply.” He adds, “Never have so many done so much with so little.”

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lawn Rangers must have slick shtick for inauguration

From the Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, 12/10/08, by Tom Kacich

Barack Obama promised change, and now we're going to get it – at his inaugural parade.

The two-hour-long parade after the president-elect's inauguration will feature the usual high school marching bands, drill teams, horse units and even the Jesse White Tumbling Team from Chicago.

But never before has an inaugural committee had the courage to invite The World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola, Illinois (Official motto: You're only young once, but you can always be immature).

Having marched a few times with these remarkable entertainers who challenge the notion that middle-aged white guys can't have fun, the whole thing reminds me of Wilbur Mills. He was the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee in 1974 when he was found drunk and with scratches on his face not far from the Capitol. He was in the company of a stripper who performed under the name Fanne Foxe.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

World Famous Lawn Rangers taking their act to Obama's inaugural parade

From the Decatur Herald & Review, 12/9/08, by Kurt Erickson

The World Famous Lawn Rangers from Arcola are known for performing precision maneuvers while pushing old lawn mowers down parade routes.

In the coming weeks, their task will be figuring out how to navigate through the throngs of people descending on Washington D.C. for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Arcola lawnmowers to appear in inauguration parade

Lawnmower Team to March for Inauguration

UPI "Odd News" Article, 12/8/08

A lawnmower drill team from Arcola, Ill., says it has been picked to perform in the Washington parade following President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration.

The World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola said about 40 members of the group, which performs elaborately choreographed routines with push-lawnmowers and twirling broomsticks, will travel to Washington for the 56th Inaugural Parade Jan. 20, the Champaign (Ill.) News-Gazette reported Monday.

"We're quite honored to be included in this great inaugural parade," Lawn Ranger founder Pat Monahan said. "It's a new dawn for our country and we're excited about it."

The Presidential Inaugural Committee said in a Dec. 5 release that more than 1,300 groups from across the country applied to march in the parade.

"These organizations embody the best of our nation's history, diversity and commitment to service," Obama said in the release. "Vice President-elect (Joe) Biden and I are proud to have them join us in the parade."

The Lawn Rangers: Change We Can De-Weed In

Candy Kirby Blog Post, 12/8/08

The 56th inaugural parade celebrating new U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to include musical units, color guards and salute batteries — and, of course, the “world famous” Lawn Rangers.

The Lawn Rangers are described as a “precision lawn mower drill team” that pushes elaborately decorated lawn mowers and twirls brooms in a coordinated routine. Proof that change IS coming to Washington — and it may not be an entirely good thing.

Of course, that opinion may change if they effectively sweep away the U.S.’s financial woes and mow down auto industry CEOs.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lawn Rangers Invited to Perform at Inauguration

From the front page article in the Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, 12/7/08 by Pam G. Dempsey

The Lawn Rangers are an unorthodox performance group, pushing elaborately decorated lawn mowers and twirling brooms in a coordinated routine. This "precision lawn mower drill team" has performed in dozens of parades, including parades for the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Ariz., and the Indianapolis 500 parade. This will be the group's first inaugural parade.

"Our job will be to spice it up and make it interesting" said member Tom Bruno, who is also a member of the Champaign City Council.

Read the rest...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Inaugural Parade

Fielding media inquiries this morning on the Inaugural Parade:


December 5, 2008 (202) 203-1775

Presidential Inaugural Committee Invites Illinois Residents to Perform in 56th Inaugural Parade

Talent From Across America To March In Parade From Capitol To White House

WASHINGTON - Today, in keeping with its commitment to hold inaugural events that celebrate our common values and reflect the diversity and history of our great nation, President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden's Inaugural Committee officially extended offers to the World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola and the Jesse White Tumbling Team to march in the 56th Inaugural Parade. Members of the groups will join representatives from across the country and our Armed Forces in the historic parade down Pennsylvania Avenue following President-elect Obama's swearing-in ceremony on the steps of the Capitol.

"I am honored to invite these talented groups and individuals to participate in the Inaugural Parade," said President-elect Obama. "These organizations embody the best of our nation's history, diversity and commitment to service. Vice President-elect Biden and I are proud to have them join us in the parade."

Organizations wishing to participate in the parade submitted an application to the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee (AFIC), which then assisted the Presidential Inaugural Committee in reviewing all of the groups' applications. All told, 1,382 organizations applied to participate, setting a new standard for interest in marching in the parade.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee was assisted in its selection process by a group of experienced military musicians, who utilized their expertise to help assess the presentation skills of marching bands, musical acts and drill teams.

All participants in the Inaugural Parade are responsible for paying for their own lodging and transportation to and from Washington, D.C. The Committee has been working closely with area governments and civic organizations to facilitate access to affordable accommodations and would like to encourage citizens from across the country to reach out and help the groups raise the necessary resources to participate in this historic event.

Regularly updated information will be provided to the public and the media on our website,


This email was sent to:

Friday, December 05, 2008

Lawn Rangers Invited To Obama Inaugral Parade

On December 5, 2008, The Lawn Rangers were officially invited to march in the January 20, 2009, United States Presidential Inaugural Parade. They are currently evaluating whether that parade meets their exacting standards.

Ranger Dave Barry on the World Famous Lawn Rangers

A member since 1991, humorist Dave Barry has written some very entertaining articles on the World Famous Lawn Rangers...

These maneuvers require great precision, and we rookies were forced to train in the grueling sun for nearly two full minutes before we could perform them to the Rangers' exacting standards.
Read the rest of Ranger Dave's 1st article on the World Famous Lawn Rangers here.

It's difficult, using mere words, to describe the scene as the Rangers, more than 50 strong, stride in two columns down the parade route, pushing our mowers in front of us, raising our brooms on high at the command "Brooms Up!"; meanwhile, bringing up the rear, glinting in the Midwestern sun, is: Elvis' giant concrete butt.
Read the rest of Ranger Dave's 2nd article on the World Famous Lawn Rangers here.

What we do is push lawn mowers and carry brooms. At various points along the parade route, we stop and astonish the crowd by performing broom-and-lawn-mower maneuvers with a level of smooth precision that you rarely see outside of train wrecks.
Read the rest of Ranger Dave's 3rd article on the World Famous Lawn Rangers here.

Naturally, we do this for a good cause, namely: To improve the morals of our nation's youth. Parents along the parade route can say to their children, "You better be moral, or you'll wind up like these men."
Read the rest of Ranger Dave's 4th article on the World Famous Lawn Rangers here.

The Lawn Rangers perform highly sophisticated semi-synchronized maneuvers with lawnmowers, brooms, and toilet plungers. Membership in this crack unit is a great honor, bestowed only on whoever shows up very few people.
The rest of Ranger Dave's recent blog post can be found here.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lawn Rangers Who's Who

For those of us who don't get to march with the Rangers as often as we'd like (as well as fans, groupies and the news media), I thought it might be nice if there was a "Who's Who" of the World Famous Lawn Rangers.

Please click here and add a comment to this post with the following information...
  • Your name
  • Your Ranger name
  • Where you live
  • Where you've marched with the Rangers
  • If you're a founding member or Hall of Famer (or both), please mention that
  • If you have your own customized mower, feel free to tell about it
Also, so we have a face to go with the name, please click here to add a photo to your profile.

Don't have a photo of yourself? Don't know how to crop a digital image? Email me (Donny Bahama at World Famous Lawn Rangers dot org) a group photo you're in (and tell me which one is you) and I'll crop it and send it back to you.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Prairie Fire Documentary

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lawn Rangers riding high

From the Champaign-Urbana News Gazzette, 3/9/08, by Meg Thilmony

Legions of masked men marching parade routes all over the country have brought fame and recognition to Arcola.

OK, so the Lawn Rangers' fame is usually associated with laughter as men perform drills with humorously modified lawnmowers and those famous Arcola brooms. But they've been in more than 200 parades for almost 30 years, including the Indianapolis 500, Fiesta Bowl and Pro Football Hall of Fame parades.

As co-founder Pat Monahan likes to say, "Never have so many done so much with so little."

Read the rest...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sound Off!

Pipe up! Be heard! Express yourself!
The way this works is that members of this blog (that's you Rangers) can post new content. This could be news of an upcoming event, notice of some press we've received, photos from a recent event or gathering, blackmail pictures of shriners, a great joke you've heard, a bit of online fellership - whatever.

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