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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't try this at home! (Well, maybe it'd be OK...)

The Lawn Rangers are not ONLY World Famous - we're Inspirational, too!

From the Moberly (Missouri) Monitor-Index:

One entry in the parade will be the decorated lawnmower drill team. This idea was borrowed from President Obama’s inaugural parade when The Lawn Rangers Lawnmower Drill Team from Arcola, Illinois, pushed their wildly decorated lawnmowers down the parade route.

Fun-loving Moberly citizens are asked to decorate a push mower and then line up on the parade route. Magic City Lawn Care is sponsor of this event. There will be no practices, but they’ll try to stay in straight lines as they proceed along Reed Street!

Well done, citizens of Moberly! And good idea not to try our world famous moves like the "cross-and-toss" and "walk the dog". Such complex maneuvers take years of practice and hours of pre-parade preparation. Such things are best left to trained professionals!

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